Key ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Musical Final Stage – SHINee Official Staff Board

안녕하세요 : )

만능열쇠 Key의 첫 뮤지컬 도전작
‘Catch me if you can’ 의 마지막 공연이 바로 어제 있었는데요…

4월 1일 첫 공연부터 ~ 6월 6일 마지막 공연까지
프랭Key와 함께 해주신 팬 여러분께 진심으로 감사 드립니다. (_ _)

마지막 공연까지 매력 넘치는 모습을 보여준
프랭크 애버그네일 주니어..♡

국내외를 오가는 바쁜 스케줄 중에도 희대의 사기꾼 Frank 역을
매력적으로 연기해준 만능열쇠 Key는 역시 반짝반짝 빛이 났습니다!

미소 가~득!ㅎㅎㅎ

그리고 어제, 프랭Key의 마지막 공연을
멋지게 장식해주신 팬 여러분의 이벤트!!!!

빛나는 SHINee의 Key에게
또 한 번 뜨거운 감동을 가~~~득 안겨 주셨습니다~

지금도~ 앞으로도~ 이렇게 변함 없는 응원과 사랑 보내주실 거죠? ^-^

많은 팬 여러분께서 보여주신 이벤트에 무한 감동해서
눈물을 보이는 바람에 눈이 빠~알갛게 된 프랭Key 입니다~ T^T

다시 한번 감사 드리구요~
빛나는 SHINee의 Key에게 보내주신 팬 여러분의 정성!!
잊지 않겠습니다~ ^-^


그럼 적막한 새벽을 지나 상쾌한 아침 맞이하시길 바라며
저는 이만 물러 가도록 하겠습니다~

Almighty Key’s first musical production ‘Catch me if you can’’s last performance was just yesterday…
Starting from the first performance on April 1st, to the last performance on June 6th, (we) sincerely thank the fans who stayed by Frankey. (_ _)
Showing you the appearance of Frank Abagnale Jr. who has overflowing charms evern till his last performance. ♡
Even in the midst of flying in and out the country due to his busy schedules, the role of uncommon swindler Frank
Key who showed all his charms while acting in the musical, is indeed sparkling and shining!
Smiling to his full capacity~
And yesterday, during Frankey’s last performance fans who coolly put up a fan support event!!!
To shining SHINee’s Key, it was once again an embrace that is completely heart-warming and touching.
Even now and even in the future, there will still be this kind of unchanging support and love right?  ^-^
The event that was showed by that much fans was infinitely touching, so this is Frankey who cried and therefore have red eyes. T^T
Once again, thank you.
The sincerity that the fans sent to Shining SHINee’s Key!!
It will not be forgotten~ ^-^
And so this loney dawn will pass and while a refreshing morning comes by I will write as much as I have written.
Always thankful~^-^

First picture: (Korean words) Catch Me If You Can
Second picture: Frank/ Hanratty/ Senior
Fifth picture: Good-bye, Frankey. Thank you, (for) the times that will not return.

Source: SHINee Official Staff Board
(Rough) Translations by: @laetitia_aw (twitter)


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