[ENG TRANS] JongKey For JILLE Magazine

– Jonghyun: The 1st impression I gave people, is that I am a cold (quiet) person. But the impression will change if we spend some time tgt.

– Key: When 1st met JH, i felt that he is scary but interesting. Didnt think we’ll become close, we built up the relationship over 2yrs

– Jonghyun: Now among all the members, the time I spent with Key is the most!

– Key: Because we have alot of similarities, even in food and clothings, & now in Japanese language too! ^^

– Key: Because our offdays are the same, very often we will contact each other & ask ‘where are you’ & will meet up immediately

– Jonghyun: yes~ how should I describe this relationship~(laugh) But I really felt very comfortable with Key

Credit pic : k_j_j_k_t_y || chi/tran : k-aten || eng/trans :by NINGZzhi || Via : Thaluuu



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