[Audio] 130327 @ BAYFM ON8 Radio (Nicole mentioned Key!) #91LINE #KEYCOLE

so hyper lol

Cole’s voice is cute 🙂

The DJ asked, speaking of “Happy Days we spent together”, was there a time she was like this. Nicole said shes happy whenever she’s with her friends. Recently they (KARA) went to Thailand for a music program and she met with friends she hadn’t seen in a long time and had breakfast and lunch with them. She had a meal with Key and Soyu and they had a lot of fun talking.

A/N: Even though when at # KMWBKK2013  Key not share selca with Nicole, but Nicole and Key can be sure met and talkative when breakfast and lunch together. Yes …. Though there Soyu in the midst of their conversation >,< but but but! Nicole said shes happy whenever she’s with her friends!

Info: ournikori/http://ournikori.blogspot.com/2013/03/audio-130327-bayfm-on8-radio-nicole.html#comment-form



  1. Ahaha…soyu cuma jadi penengah aja,
    dipake keycole supaya kalo kedapetan fans lg makan berdua ada alasannya gitu,cuma makan sma sesama teman XD
    coba kalo cuma berdua kan muncul lg rumor2 lg ngedate..:D

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